Meredith Bardo


︎Nonprofit Work / Picking Me Foundation︎

︎ Selected Management Tips, social media infographics and printable PDFs ︎
The goal for this ongoing campaign is to provide easy-to-read resources for strugglers of Dermatillomania while still staying true to our playful brand identity. My process involves creating a doc on tip topics/brainstorming tips, drafting layout and feel and finalizing graphics in Photoshop.


︎Nonprofit Work / Picking Me Foundation︎

︎ Selected National Day graphics for social media ︎
The goal is to tie in popular National/International Days with our brand and community, to help reach more individuals and spark conversations on Skin Picking Disorder. My process involves keeping a doc of all the days throughout the year that we could make content from, writing design ideas for each one and narrowing down to ones that are felt to get the most engagement. I use commonly known symbols to help the National/Intl be easily recognizable, while adding our own design flair. 

︎Selected Freelance︎

My Freelance work involves both illustration and design. It includes print and digital projects for The Portland Mercury, Lynden Rook, Mental (W)illness, Scoop Mag, Custom Painted Pet Portraits, Instagram Fundraisers, Invite Graphics and more.


My illustration work combines elements of design and fine art to create a unique, playful world of characters. I often work with themes of friendship, childhood and universal symbols, such as hearts or stars. It’s greatly influenced by cheesy horror movies, colorful 80’s aesthetic and birthday party supplies. I focus on the use of clothing, accessories and small trinkets to portray my characters, and how these things can be a manifestation of one’s self and identity. Come join my wacky world of hugs, squishy cheeks and stuffed animals!